CyberWatch West member school Highline College organized the first International Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Invitational (ICCDCI) in June 2017, bringing together teams from four colleges for friendly collaboration and competition.

Teams from the University of Central Florida, Brigham Young University, and Namibia University of Science and Technology traveled to the Des Moines, Washington, campus; the Politeknik Negeri team from Medan, Indonesia, participated remotely.

Patterned after the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, the ICCDCI competition asked teams to defend the network for the fictional company “AutonoSafe” from a “Red Team” of malicious hackers.

Because one of the goals of the event was to promote collaboration between cybersecurity students from different countries, teams were recognized for exceptional performance in a variety of areas, rather than one overall winner being selected.

Photo of all the 2017 ICCDCI competitors gathered at Highline College
All the 2017 ICCDCI competitors gathered at Highline College

Brigham Young University’s team was awarded “Best Remediation,” for successfully figuring out how the Red Team penetrated the system, kicking them out, and preventing them from getting back in, as well as “Best Inject Score.” The University of Central Florida was recognized for “Best Uptime,” and Namibia University of Science and Technology received “Best Professionalism.”

There was a collective gasp when participants learned the president and vice president of Highline College’s team, which built the event, were both still completing their Associate of Applied Science degrees. Participants also said they were impressed that the event was so well run in its first year.

Dr. Amelia Phillips, a tenured faculty member in Highline’s CIS/CS Department, traveled to Namibia in October to assist with that country’s third National Cybersecurity Competition. She said she hopes to also be able to support the creation of the first national competition in Indonesia, and that the next ICCDCI will be held overseas.