To support the formation of new CyberPatriot teams, CyberWatch West will pay the $205 registration fee for a limited number of northwest Washington high school teams participating for the first time in 2017-18.

High school teams must meet the following criteria to be considered for registration fee sponsorship:

  • The online application form below must be received by CyberWatch West on or before Friday, September 22, 2017. 
  • High school must be located in northwest Washington state.
  • High school must be an educational member of CyberWatch West. (See information on free memberships for high schools.)
  • Team must be the first team from that specific high school to participate in CyberPatriot. 
  • Team must have a designated coach, an adult (typically a teacher) approved by the participating high school to act as the team's administrative lead. (See the CyberPatriot website for details about the coach's responsibilities.)
  • The coach is expected to have identified at least four students interested in participating before Wednesday, October 4, 2017, which is the deadline for coaches to register their teams with CyberPatriot.  


Teams will be notified by Friday, September 29, whether they have been selected for CyberPatriot registration fee sponsorship. CyberWatch West will provide selected high school teams with a purchase order number to use when registering their teams with CyberPatriot by Wednesday, October 4, 2017. 

Please note:

  • CyberPatriot typically waives the $205 registration fee for teams representing Title I schools; for all-girl teams; and for JROTC/CAP/Naval Sea Cadet Corps teams. 
  • Coaches who are new to the CyberPatriot program must complete the Volunteer Registration form on the CyberPatriot website to obtain a username and password before the October 4 deadline for registering new teams. A username and password are necessary to access the Volunteer Dashboard, where coaches officially register their teams.  


Note: Applications are no longer being accepted for CyberPatriot team registration sponsorship.