Think you're up on all the student cyber defense competitions out there? Don't be too sure. A new international competition and a second annual statewide competition are hitting the West Coast this summer.

CyberWatch West and Highline College in Des Moines, WA, are launching the first International Collegiate Cyber Defense Invitational (ICCDI) June 20–22, 2017, on the Highline campus.

The ICCDI will bring together approximately ten student teams along with at least two faculty members from nations around the world to participate in the cyber competition. Invitations have thus far been extended to institutions in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Dr. Amelia Phillips, the organizer of the event, has stated that the objectives of the ICCDI include bringing together cyber defenders from around the world to connect with each other, and to help share curriculum between faculty.

Logo of the International Collegiate Cyber Defense Invitational (ICCDI)"One of the challenges expressed at the Cyber SEC forum was that of different countries using different terms, etc., to manage the same types of networks and deal with the same cybersecurity issues. By hosting an international event, the organizers hope to facilitate the use of a common language and to create new relationships among those who are becoming the next generation of cyber defenders."

The Invitational also may serve as a catalyst for other countries to start hosting their own national collegiate competitions.

While not an actual Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) event, the competition will be modeled after the U.S. National CCDC. Highline College is a U.S. National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense – Two-Year (CAE2Y) that has successfully hosted the Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (PRCCDC) for the last seven years. For the 2016 season, the Highline team designed, hosted, and operated the competition, hosting thirteen colleges and universities from throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Phillips is seeking sponsors for the event, as well as volunteers. If interested, contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Meanwhile, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) and California Polytechnic University are organizing the second annual California Cyber Innovation Challenge (CCIC) on behalf of the CyberCalifornia coalition.

The statewide high school cybersecurity competition will be held June 24–25 at the California Cyber Training Complex in San Luis Obispo. Sixteen high school – level teams will compete in timed cybersecurity challenges designed to replicate the different threats that cybersecurity professionals face, from attacks on critical infrastructure to attempted breaches of consumer data on connected devices.

For more information on the 2017 CCIC, visit