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Led by Co-PI Daniel Manson (Cal Poly Pomona), CyberWatch West's student development activities enable students to gain relevant experience, compete for awards, and network with other students, faculty, and industry professionals. This is achieved through the creation of new student clubs emphasizing cybersecurity, student involvement with professional organizations, student internships, and a cyber-defense league for community colleges and high schools in the CyberWatch West region. Dr. Manson works closely with other Co-PIs to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive approach throughout the Western region.



CyberWatch West support cybersecurity competitions for high school, 2-year and 4-year college students, sponsoring three college-level student competitions annually and one high school competition.

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K-12 Outreach

CyberWatch West supports K-12 faculty and students in exploring and deepening their understanding of cybersecurity. Workshops such as CyberGirlz and Girls Go Tech introduce middle schools girls to cybersecurity and related careers. High schools can now become members of CyberWatch West to be fully connected to the opportunities for development that the consortium provides.

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Online Resources

The CyberWatch West website provides numerous helpful resources for students who want to learn more about cybersecurity. Short articles about cybersecurity activities and opportunities can be found on the News for Students page. Look for online sources for scholarships, internships, and free training on the Resources page. Students can also read past issues of CyberWatch West's e-newsletter for insights into what's happening in cybersecurity education.