CyberTech Girls logoCyberWatch West educational member Coastline Community College is the home of the CyberTech Girls program, which organizes one-day technology training events for middle school and high school girls who want to learn more about cybersecurity topics. 

Female students in grades 7–12 have the opportunity to work with computers, meet professionals, and network with their peers. Hands-on activities may include computer forensics, website design, binary and cryptography lessons, and computer assembly.

Below are curriculum and materials developed by CyberTech Girls. CyberWatch West members are invited to download them and use them as planning resources and inspiration for their own events. 

Underlined text within the documents indicates placeholder text that will need to be updated or customized for future events. 


The name CyberTech Girls and the CyberTech Girls logo are the intellectual property of the CyberTech Girls program. Before using either or both in marketing a cybersecurity event, you must obtain written permission from CyberTech Girls project lead Tobi West, CISSP, GCFE. Submit your request via the Contact Us page of the CyberTech Girls website ( or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.