Course Development Mentoring Program

CyberWatch West regularly offers instructors an opportunity to participate in a faculty development program in which they can develop the cybersecurity course they have always wanted, along with labs. An instructional designer is available to mentor them throughout the process.

Course Description

The Course Development Mentoring Program begins with group sessions, followed by individual meetings and correspondence toward the development of each person’s course. Meeting times will be subject to change based on the needs of the selected participants. Sessions will be conducted online via Webex. All course material, assignments, submissions, and correspondence will be conducted via the Moodle learning management system. As the program progresses, the group will discuss methods for collecting data for reporting and potential research papers.

Session 1 — Backward Design model fundamentals

This session will cover the process, resources, and worksheets for the development process. Standards such as NIST, NICE, and the new CAE requirements and how to incorporate them (if desired) will be discussed. Participants will begin to draft the outcomes for their course.

Session 2 — Using the RAVE and designing your network

This session will cover the various features of the RAVE and the process for designing a network. The network designed will be derived in part from the selected outcomes. The VMs for prototyping and participant customization will start to be deployed. Participants will begin to draft the network design and the features of each VM in support of their course development.

Session 3 — Discussion of designs

This session will center on a discussion of the designs each participant is developing, the challenges they may be having, and how the design supports their course. Participants will get feedback and suggestions from other members. This session will also begin to discuss lesson planning, resources, and training materials. Participants should have a draft of the lesson topics and sequence for their courses.


Between sessions 3 and 4, one-on-one meetings with participants will take place as needed to fine-tune desired outcomes, virtual machine configurations, lesson plans, and other issues that may need to be addressed. The meetings will be during established office hours or by appointment.


Session 4 — Sharing

In this session, participants will share the course they have developed with others in the course. Lessons learned from the process will be highlighted, and suggestions for improving the mentoring process will be solicited.



Participants will be asked to attend and present their work at a Faculty Development Symposium. CyberWatch West will cover the travel costs for the symposium.


Application Process

To be considered for the CWW Course Development Mentoring Program, you must complete and submit the application, along with the long answer and a completed Institutional Acknowledgement form via email. To request an application form, email CyberWatch West at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cost of the program:

Free to CyberWatch West members