Updated Criteria for CAE-2Y, CAE, CAE-R, CAE-OP Designation
DHS/NSA National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense

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The CAE Application Website can be found on the NIETP website at
To go directly to the CAE Information Assurance Cyber Defense Program Package and view
the CAE requirements and resources, follow this link: 

CAE CD Program Guidance - 2016

CAE CD 2YR Criteria - 2016

CAE CD 4YR Criteria - 2016


CAE IA/CD Focus Areas

CAE KU Mapping Matrix


A message from the CAE National Program Manager, Karen Leuschner:
“All institutions that currently hold an NSA/DHS CAE designation in Information Assurance (both 4Y and 2Y) and/or Research are required to apply for designation under the new CAE IA/CD Program by December 2014.
Under the revised NSA/DHS CAE Program, institutions are required to meet the applicable CAE Program Criteria and map their curriculum to the IA/CD academic requirements (Knowledge Units - KUs) in one application. There is also now an option of applying for a designation in a Focus Area
The above guidance can be used to gather all of the necessary information for a strong submission before the website opens. The CNSS standards will no longer be a pre-requisite for designation for CAE(s). Thank you for patience while the new CAE application website is finalized.”